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Are Your Employees Prepared For The Fourth Industrial Revolution?

Today we find ourselves in a period of rapid transition, the 4th industrial revolution — an age of automation,connectivity, artificial intelligence and robotics. Entire industries are vanishing, as new industries emerge and new careers with them. “Leading companies are moving to overhaul their career models and L&D infrastructure for the digital age”, the 2017 Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends report says.

How will CareerWaze help you navigate the sheer maze of choices in learning today?

Did you know that the last three years have witnessed an explosion of new learning offerings, including MOOCs, digital learning tools, video offerings, and new cloud-based training systems? Learners, however, have difficulty finding what they want, when they want it and in the right format. The problem is “context” not “content”.

CareerWaze is about to transform your employee's learning experience. We analyze their skill profile, understand their gaps and provide personalized learning recommendations on courses and new skills that they should acquire. CareerWaze's ever expanding skill graph has more than 20 domains including AI, Blockchain, DevOps, Mobile, Cloud and hundreds of skills and more than 15 sources of learning. Our CW Manager product allows your administrator to configure only those skills that are relevant to your industry. We also show them a visual representation of career roles and pathways within the company. The basis of learning recommendations is the discovery of all available professional learning content from multiple learning sources using AI technologies like Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning algorithms and by implementing skill graphs.The results we have in our system are superior to any single vendor as we have a curated view into the skills landscape and are aggregating various vendors offerings providing a true personalized experience to each and every user based on their goals and interests.

Benefits to our clients

Competency-based Learning (Productivity ROI)

Upskill employees by providing personalized learning recommendations based on skill gap analysis.

Career mobility (Retention ROI)

Visual representation of career options and associated learning recommendations.

Training budget optimization (Budget ROI)

Seamless integration of MOOCs and other learning options with existing LMS platform for optimized learning plans.

Inclusive workplace (Strategic ROI)

Level the playing field for underrepresented minorities so they can acquire the right skills, to enable broader participation in the enterprise.

Learning and Development in the Spotlight

Companies see an urgent need to build skills and capabilities and are now focused on transforming their learning organizations and strategies.

Learning and development issues exploded from the No. 8 to the No. 3 most important talent challenge in this year’s study.

Companies that transform their learning and development organizations are not only able to accelerate skills development, but also can dramatically improve employee engagement and retention.

(Source : The Human Capital Trends 2015)