About CareerWaze

CareerWaze is founded by two experienced female entrepreneurs who believe in using technology to solve the problem of growing skills gap in this technology driven world. Our mission is to enable professionals and students to acquire the skills needed to advance in a digital world; regardless of degrees earned, schools attended, race, gender or age.

Vijji Suryadevara

Founder, CEO & CTO

Jayati Sengupta

Co-Founder, CPO & CMO

Dr. Stefan Bordag

Machine Learning Guru

Elizabeth Tse

SVP Operations, Upwork, & Advisor

Dr. Gunnar Carlsson

Co-founder, Ayasdi, & Advisor

Krishna Kommineni

Product Manager

Swarna Kumar

Director, India Operations


Full Stack Engineer

Rehana Muhammed

Lead Software Engineer

Prasad Rao

Lead Software Engineer

Anil Kumar

Software Engineer


Software Engineer

Naveen Kumar

UI/UX Designer & Front end Developer

Shalini Chakrabarty

UI/UX Designer


Software Engineer