Own Your Career to survive the Amazon Go Age

By  Vijji Suryadevara

Posted on December 14, 2016

As Amazon Go introduces checkout-free shopping experience, initial reaction of excitement is slowly being replaced by fear. Fear that more jobs are going to disappear. We can put our head in the sand and dismiss Amazon Go store and other similar technology driven innovations as one off experiments, but that would be a mistake. Before we know it, there will be Amazon Go stores in every city, Driver less cars in every street, Self-check-ins at every airport, hotel and restaurant. Even the government, often the last one to the party, is embracing technology like this with Automated Passport Control (APC), which I have experienced firsthand in San Francisco Airport on a recent trip.

Rapid evolution of Technology is disrupting every industry and driving innovation. The lines between brick and mortar businesses and modern technology companies are blurring every day. As each and every company is touched by this wave the skills required in the workforce are changing dramatically and the skills gap continues to grow. It has become common for companies to do layoffs while hiring other employees with newer skills needed for the future of the company.

The only way to address this new reality for all of us is to own our careers. Do not wait for your manager or HR to tell you that you do not have the skills needed for a promotion. Do not wait for a mentor to guide you in your career and tell you what the next step should be. Do not wait to be told your job has been made redundant by technology adopted by your company. Own Your Career and learn in-demand skills to secure your future. Companies and professionals that focus on ongoing learning to update skills are the ones that will survive and thrive.

Once you are convinced you must update your skills, what are your options? Traditional Colleges and Universities are playing catch up, in trying to update courses and degrees that will help students be better prepared to be part of the workforce. Unless there is a comprehensive overhaul of higher education they cannot be part of the solution for the skill development needs of the workforce. So, look to non-traditional learning options like MOOCs, Youtube videos, Tutorials, Bootcamps and Workshops etc. At the end of such learning take a Certification test to prove that you have acquired the skills. Employers are accepting such learning and Certifications as they realize that learning is going to be an ongoing part of an employee’s career.

My firm belief in this approach led to the founding of CareerWaze, an AI driven Career Navigation Platform helping people acquire in demand skills by providing personalized career analysis and learning recommendations. The only way Companies and Employees will survive this oncoming technology driven restructuring is to make sure they have the right skills.

In this Amazon Go Age the only way to thrive is to Own Your Career and keep your skills up to date through continuous learning.

Vijji Suryadevara
Founder, CEO & CTO

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