Get Ready for 2020 by Reimaging Learning now!

While digital is accelerating and disrupting the pace of innovation within Enterprises, this presents enormous challenges for companies. Unless companies retool their people now, they will face the largest digital skills gap by 2020. To remain competitive and employed, we need to significantly expand our investment in digital training. To add to the confusion, online learning options and content are also proliferating, but professionals have no guidance in navigating the confusing maze of choices and their impact on career goals.

CareerWaze Pro analyzes an employee’s profile and skills and provides personalized career map, opportunities assessment and skill recommendations that is aligned to the company’s strategic growth. CareerWaze Pro is the only Enterprise Learning Solution that aims to bridge the global skills gap by helping users acquire in-demand skills needed for career growth, through personalized career analysis and digital learning recommendations. We are truly platform agnostic. We do the hard work of discovering and categorizing all available professional learning content from sources such as Course Providers, MOOCs, Videos, Slideshare, Tutorials, Quora, Meetups and many more using Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning/AI technologies and skill graphs in order to provide the most personalized recommendations.

Learning today has become a business-critical priority for increasing skills, improving the workforce pipeline, and enhancing employee engagement and retention. As the corporate learning market undergoes a digital transformation, this is the year to assess your current learning environment and implement CareerWaze Pro as a new strategy and vision to build a corporate learning experience that touches every employee’s career in a meaningful way.

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