Forrester, the global research and advisory firm, forecasts that 16% of jobs will disappear due to automation technologies between now and 2025, but that new jobs equivalent to 9% of today's jobs will be created to support those technologies. To make this transition, we’ll need more software engineers, data scientists and network engineers. Whether you are out in the market looking for a job or you are looking to upskill yourself, you should not be without CareerWaze.

The current Knowledge Economy asserts that having marketable skills is the core of Human Capital. Technology is changing way too rapidly and it’s a huge challenge to keep up with the market as far as skills go. Professional online learning options are proliferating, but users have no guidance in navigating the confusing maze of choices and their impact on career goals. Far too many job boards and even professional networks like LinkedIn are meeting the needs of the recruiters while they underserve the users.CareerWaze will give professionals both within the workforce and outside, an edge, irrespective of the degrees they have earned or the schools they have attended or their race or gender.CareerWaze ensures they have the right skills in a digital world, so they do not fall off the career ladder.

To be successful, every single one of us has to learn new skills—not just once, but throughout our careers. Here's what that means for the future of work.

Why CareerWaze is unique for professionals?

In Demand Skill info

Provide insights into in-demand skills for the technology stack that the professional specializes in and jobs/career options available.

Gap Analysis

NLP based comparison of profile to the chosen job/career option to analyze skill gaps.

Platform Agnostic

We do the hard work of discovering and categorizing all available professional learning content from sources such as Course Providers, MOOCs, Videos, Slideshare,Tutorials, Quora, Meetups etc using Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning/AI technologies and skill graphs and make personalized recommendation.

Several Fall-Back Mechanisms

Evolving technologies sometime have no courses available.Careerwaze will then fall back to Youtube videos related to the skill or Slideshare presentations or “Meetups” having a workshop etc.

Personalized Learning

Customized and Personalized learning recommendations based on gap analysis

Career Mapping and Alternate Career Pathways

Address Gaps before job application

Interview Preparation for Jobs

Retool, Reskill and increase personal value