Vijji & Jayati have a clear understanding of the challenges and opportunities the workforce faces today and in the future. Their vision to provide customized learning paths at scale will help companies grow and retain their employees. More importantly, the employees will be empowered to grow and develop their own skills towards their own defined path to success. L&D frankly is not done well within companies and with the half life of job skills decreasing every year, the need for companies to grow their employees with new specific skills will become critical. CareerWaze will allow swamped HR organizations to deliver custom growth paths based upon the person's current skills and where the individual wants/needs to go. By leveraging existing quality content, the HR professional will deliver customized learning to the employee that will fit specific business needs in a distinctly more cost effective manner. This is the future of Learning and Development.

Elizabeth Tse

SVP Operations, Upwork

"There’s so much opportunity for learning online, but it’s hard to navigate the many offerings. CareerWaze helps create a personalized learning path for those looking to hone their skills."

Nancy Van Brunt

Director of Freelancer Success at Upwork

"At Tech Mahindra Continuous learning is a business imperative and part of the culture that we have so meticulously created and nurtured over the years. We are extremely excited to engage with CareerWaze to enable re-skilling through personalized learning for each and every associate worldwide."

Jagdish Mitra

Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer at Tech Mahindra

"I am excited to roll out CareerWaze as a company wide initiative to our associates worldwide since I recognize that AI is playing a major role in delivering customized and relevant knowledge to learners. The CareerWaze platform provides a truly engaging peer to peer experience which can benefit our associates both inside and outside of work as continuous learning is the need of the day. I truly believe that AI will end up being the next giant leap in education."

Riyaz Mulla

Head – Digital Learning at Tech Mahindra

"At Streetcode we are excited to partner with CareerWaze and provide our advanced coders the opportunity to learn the latest tech skills. By taking a closer look at current technology trends our students can get a glimpse at the future of jobs."

Olatunde Sobomehin

CEO/Lead Servant at StreetCode Academy