Tune your skills. Stay in-demand. Hone them now or you may feel that you are on the way out…

By  Jayati Sengupta

Posted on June 01, 2016

As the class of 2016 wrap up their college lives and make their first attempt to enter the workforce, they may not even realize that the gap between skills acquired in college and those required at jobs is widening like never before. Technology particularly is constantly evolving and it’s hard for even professionals to play catch up. On the other hand, there is far too much information available to us now. There are many more MOOCs, bootcamps, videos and presentations freely available and the job searcher is at a loss at how to go about finding the right courses to learn the most in-demand skills.

My own personal story might resonate with some of you. Up until 2007, I was working for a very large technology company in Silicon Valley where I was just another engineer. After a few years, I felt like I wanted to try my hand at something else within the company. My plans to move up into a leadership role had just taken seed but I didn’t find any motivation or mentoring about how to get there. Needless to say, I left that job and sought another. Here in this new company, I was encouraged to pick up new responsibilities and skills without being questioned why I was not sticking to my role. I was lucky that I had an opportunity that constantly made me rise to the challenge. However, most people are not fortunate enough to get that kind of mentorship in their career.

When I met with Vijji Suryadevara and found out that she was working on a new career platform that offered career mapping and personalized recommendations on courses and skills that were in-demand, I was very interested to join forces with her to bring this tool to marketing greatness. I wish I had access to this tool earlier in my career when I needed to move into different roles that interested me. Maybe, if I had known the right ways to grow in my career back then, I probably would not have left the company.

My advice to professionals is that both within the workforce and outside, you will need to keep yourself updated to not fall off the career ladder. The more you procrastinate on learning, the more you get laid back and one day you might find that your skills are no longer relevant. Learning is continuous. Period. Get daily doses of learning and set goals. Learn more about career options so that you never feel stuck. Employers should make every attempt to motivate employees to learn and perhaps create an environment where they feel engaged and driven. We are excited that CareerWaze is a self directed learning tool that knows your current skills and what you are interested in learning and can recommend you courses and videos that can upskill you without you having to go to numerous platforms. Check us out today www.careerwaze.com and let us know what you think.

Jayati Sengupta
CMO, CareerWaze

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